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Yes, we are ready to be sold to the famous and greate developer with all our heads (ie, ideas). The famous and greate means more, than 50000000 downloads of such a developer`s apps at all.

In addition to existing projects, we have over 20 simple technical projects or entertainment applications (simple - it means no servers, but apps are nonetheless diverse, useful and original).

The total number of downloads of our applications (since March-12) is more than 300,000 (more than 80 countries).

View updated statistics for our products (downloads, view of ads, the average score, the position in the ranking of different countries, etc).

One of our crowdsourcing project (speedcam) have already shown its potential.

It is difficult to develop ambitious projects with few resources.
And we invent new project almost every week. But now we can develop no more than 2 per month.

You can explore the middle rate or comments of our applications. Reviews are fine.

You have questions? Write us: [email protected]

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